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On our wine tours, we love for our guests to have a great time. In fact, we encourage it! But we also need to remember to be respectful of the wineries and breweries daily operations. There are certain expectations of us when we tour that we need to keep in mind at all times. The biggest of these is that our guests behave appropriately. In the midst of a pandemic, that means wearing masks and socially distancing when we are inside the wineries to help protect other guests and the staff. It also means maintaining an appropriate level of composure and not disrupting the wineries' operations. Guests are expected to follow the rules, which means no yelling or disruptive behaviour. No drinking in the parking lot or the tour bus or other alcohol-induced shenanigans. For the most part, this is a very rare problem, but unfortunately there are some folks who tend to forget that we are not touring nightclubs. It is a much more family friendly environment, and we really don't want to upset anyone with any abrasive behaviour. Guests should also refrain from wearing controversial or offensive clothing such as a shirt with curse words written on it, or costume elements for any occasion that might be occurring.

To sum things up, go ahead and have fun, but save the pre-drinking for a different occasion. If you get drunk easily or you use a lot of inappropriate language, it's okay to pass on a tasting and have a water instead (we always have some in the tour bus), or to dial the language back a bit until the tour is over. Any incidents of misbehaviour can result in us no longer being welcome at these wineries. Which means we won't be able to do that tour anymore, and that would be very sad. Be sure to remind members of your group of the rules if you see any of the above, it could save us from being "banned" from a winery.

If a group or individual is found to be blatantly disregarding our rules and expectations on behaviour. The tour will be ended immediately and no refunds will be given, as this can have very serious negative consequences for our business well into the future.

We appreciate your understanding.


In the event you need to cancel your tour, we refund deposits for cancellations as long as they are made 8 days or more from the tour date. These tours are booked well in advance, and it can be challenging for both us and the wineries to fill spots left by cancellations. For this reason, we require at least 1 week notice for all cancellations or deposits are forfeited. 

In the event that the BC Government declares a shut-down which forces us to cancel a tour, or if there is any event beyond our control which forces a cancellation, we will refund deposits. 


Social media and our web presence is a huge part of maintaining our business. A part of this is taking occasional photos of guests on our tours. We will always ask before taking a photo and let you know that we would like to use it for our social media. If at any time you wish for us to remove a photo we have taken and posted, or to refrain from taking a photo at all, just let us know! We are more than happy to do so.


We ask that you do not bring extremely valuable items onto the tour bus at any time. Should you need to do so out of necessity, please keep your property with you as you tour. We cannot guarantee the protection of your personal property if it is left on the tour bus while you are visiting a winery. Although we have not had any occurrences of theft or missing property, it is possible that someone could potentially break into the bus while we are not in attendance, or that another guest on a public tour could commit theft of personal property. We will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items under any circumstances. If it is valuable and you don't need it on the tour, just leave it at home for peace of mind. Thank you!

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