Is a deposit required to reserve my tour date?

To reserve your tour date, a 25% deposit is required (except for same-day tours).

Dates are held on a first-come first-served basis.

But don't worry! If you need to cancel, we have a very flexible cancellation policy. See more about our policy below.

What is your cancellation policy?

For all tours, deposits are refundable up until 7 days before the tour date. If a tour must be cancelled due to a COVID-19 lockdown by the provincial or federal government, deposits will be refunded.

If for any reason beyond our control we cannot provide the tour, deposits will be refunded.

We understand that plans change, and things come up. Just try to be a sport and give us (and the wineries) enough time to find other guests to fill your spot if you need to cancel.

Thank you!

Will we still tour if it is raining?

We are rain or shine, the tour must go on! Much of the Wine Tasting and tours are easily moved entirely indoors. We have umbrellas in the tour van in the event it begins raining.

What should I wear on the tour?

Wine tour dress is casual and family friendly. Dress however you feel most comfortable. We do recommend a hat in the sun, as well as a light jacket or sweater in cooler weather or rain. Some parts of the tour will be outdoors, and there will be some walking. Comfortable shoes recommended.

Can I drink alcohol in the tour vehicle?

No. Alcohol consumption in the tour vehicle is not allowed. If you purchase wine from a winery, we can store it in our air-conditioned vehicles throughout the day for you to enjoy after your tour.

What time will I be picked up for my tour?

Pick up times are usually around 10:30am for all tours. This time may change depending on where the tour group is departing from and where the wine region being toured.

What time will the tour end?

Drop-off times are generally around 4:30pm depending on the drop-off location of the guests on the tour.

Can't I just drive myself on my own wine tour?

Driving your own vehicle to wineries to taste wines can be a costly and dangerous decision. BC has extremely strict no-tolerance policies for drinking and driving. The winding single-lane mountain highways can also be treacherous for unfamiliar drivers. We always recommend having a designated driver. Let us get you there safely. Just sip back and relax!

Why is lunch at my own cost?

There are other tour operators that offer an included lunch, and that is built into the price. The reason we do not, is because everyone has different tastes and dietary requirements or needs. Some folks may just simply not be hungry, or they would rather spend that money on a bottle of wine. We think it is best to let you keep your money and decide how much you want to eat, and how much you would like to spend on your lunch. Have a nibble, or have a feast! It's your call.

What types of payments are accepted?

When you book your tour, you will receive an invoice with payment details. You can pay your deposit via credit card or bank transfer right through the invoice. Alternatively, you can send an e-transfer or PayPal payment to the addresses shown on the invoice.

Paying the remaining balance:
The reamaining balance can be paid via credit card through your invoice / e-transfer / PayPal / or Cash and Credit at the end of the tour. Your driver will have a mobile credit card payment system for you to use. If paying Cash, please note that your driver may not be able to provide proper change.

Are gratuities included or added on to the price?

Gratuities for your driver are welcomed, but are left to your discretion. We do not add mandatory gratuities to your tour price, we try to earn it! If you feel like you really enjoyed your tour and want to provide gratuity to the driver, it will be much appreciated.

We also encourage guests that enjoyed their stay to Rate Us on Trip Advisor! We live in a review economy these days. As a small business, your positive review really helps us to be successful in the future. If for any reason you did not enjoy your tour, please let us know before leaving a negative review, we want to hear what we can do to make things right!

Am I required to buy any wine on the tour?

No. There is no obligation to buy. However, many of the wines you will discover along the way can not be found in most places, especially out-of-province. Some wines are actually only available right there at the winery. It's always nice to have a small "wine budget" for the tour in case you find something you really like. You may not be able to get it easily afterwards!

Are wine tours available all year long?

Generally, though some wineries operate all year long, many close or reduce their hours of operation for the winter months. Our primary operating months are April to early November.